Week 8


I visited Jeremy’s blog and said:

G’day Jeremy!
Bridge It sounds really fun. I like how you learned stuff and were having fun at the same time. I like to play games that do this and will have to play that game some time soon.

I also visited Nathaniel’s blog and said:

G’day Nathaniel!
I really want to try skiing, but I haven’t gotten a chance too. Sometimes I go to Lake Tahoe to snowboard. You should try it one time. It is a lot of fun!

Week 7


Magnificent and Majestic Nature

One of my favorite things about nature is space. I love just looking up at the stars and galaxies and observing their beauty. It makes me realize how small we actually are. It also shows me that possibilities are endless, and that I should reach for the stars. I find it amazing how when we look up at the stars we are not actually seeing the present day stars. We are seeing them in the past because they are so far away. The way this works is that stars have light so their light travels at light speed. Depending on the stars length away from earth, it takes time for the light to reach us. The farther into space we look, the farther back in time we are seeing. If time travel is ever possible in the future, I think this will be the key.

Another thing I find interesting about nature is the oceans. There are so many places in them that have not been explored yet. In the oceans there are so many types of wild life such as fish and plant species. I think that there are some that are in our oceans that have not been discovered yet. This is a very interesting topic because it can lead to a new organism that can change our whole understanding of science. This can be if we find an animal that can sustain life with out needing water. This will be the first animal to ever do this proving many scientific theories wrong. There may also be huge underwater caves that somehow don’t have water in them. If so, there may be a way to colonize the caves. There are many possibilities.

In these oceans, a very interesting animal is the dolphin. I like the dolphin because they are very smart animals. Research shows that dolphins have unlocked more percent of their brains than humans have. This is the only animal on earth that has accomplished this. Dolphins communicate with sound. They all have distinct whistles which is how they can tell who is who from far away. The fact that dolphins are very friendly is also very cool. People can pet them and swim with them without them causing violence. They are smart enough to be trained to be kind to and comfortable with humans.



This is a sight about dolphins: http://www.defenders.org/dolphin/basic-facts

This is a sight about space and galaxies: http://www.space.com/25303-how-many-galaxies-are-in-the-universe.html



Photo from: defenders.org




Photo from: wikipedia.org


Week 5 Activity 1



(Photo from: tmpc.org)

In my country, America, some very popular foods are hotdogs, cheeseburgers, and Thanksgiving Dinner. On hotdogs, Americans usually put the average toppings, which are ketchup, mustard, and relish. A cheeseburger is just a hamburger with cheese grilled onto it. Thanksgiving dinner usually consists of a turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, cornbread, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie for dessert. To find this information I used this site: http://travel.cnn.com/explorations/eat/best-usa-travel/top-50-american-foods-513946

Week 5 Activity 2


For school lunches my school gives many options. We get a choice of an entree, vegetables, fruits, and a drink. The entrees always include a special of the day and regular ones that are there every day of the year. The specials are pizza, pick up stix, and teriyaki chicken. The regular things are chicken sandwiches, salads, pastas, and burgers. The vegetables and fruits are carrots, celery, lettuce, apples, pears, and melons. Some drinks cost extra such as water and sweet drinks. The drinks that come with the meal are milks.

Week 4 Activity 4


For this challenge I visited kids sights from Australia. It is very cool how a lot of them are doing the same activities as us. I commented on five asking mostly the same question. I said, ”
Hi, I was just wondering what is your favorite food from your country?”

(I don’t know how to leave a link to each post I commented on.)

Week 3 Activity 6



This photo was taken right before my brother Billy, my friend Julian, and I went into a very scary haunted house. The haunted house had over 80 rooms with scary monsters popping out at us like the one in the picture. The thrill we all got was amazing, but we were relieved once we got to the end.

Week 3 Activity 5


I have learned many things about posting pictures on my blog. One of these things is that before I use someone’s photo, I need their permission. I also need to ask people who are in the picture I am going to post if they will let me. When blogging, giving credit and getting permission is very important!

Week 3 Activity 4


For my widget, I chose one that displayed my most popular posts. I wanted this widget because when people visit my blog, they will know which of my posts people like best. If I have some posts that are better than others than they won’t have to see the bad ones. They can only see my top ten best ones if they want.

Week 4 Activity 1


One of the things I did to dress up my blog was to put a monster theme. The edublogs site created this theme. I then inserted a header of my brother, my friend, and I with a scary monster. This photo was taken by my mom and I have permission to use it.